101 Important Life Lessons You Need To Know

Tom Stevenson
8 min readApr 13, 2018

The idea for writing this post came to me after reading a similar one by Niklas Göke.

The post resonated with me, and I found myself nodding in agreement at more or less everything he said.

After a while, I thought it would be cool to write my own post considering a few life truths.

My list won’t be as long or as complete as Niklas’, but I feel it contains a number of useful insights nonetheless.

We can often go through life blind, and just take what comes at us, instead of working to improve our lives.

I have found myself doing this on a number of ocassons. It has taken a big event, such as getting hit by a car, to snap me out of this stupor and re-evaluate where my life is going.

I intend for these to be a reference for myself and others. It’s easy to write things down and preach about how to life your live.

It’s much harder to go out and do it!

  1. How you do anything is how you do everything. Treat the little things as importantly as you treat the big ones.
  2. Instead of trying to find the right person, be the right person.
  3. You will die. Life is long enough to fool us into thinking it will last forever, but short enough for it to be over in an instant. Make the most of your time on the planet.
  4. Experiences outweigh possessions.
  5. Further to the above, the more possessions you own, the more they own you.
  6. Understand compound interest, and you will never be short of money.
  7. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  8. The only constant in life is that there will be change. Stability is a myth.
  9. Life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one shot, don’t put something off until tomorrow because, one day, tomorrow will never come.
  10. Everyone poos. No matter how successful, intimidating or powerful someone is, we all have to poo. Remember that, when you meet someone you are intimidated by.
  11. You only get one body. Treat it well, and it will serve you well. You use your body or lose it.
  12. There is no one right way of doing
Tom Stevenson