3 Ways to Make a Difference When You Travel

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I love travelling.

Since discovering my passion for far-flung destinations and cultural enrichment, I’ve been wandering the globe for the past five years.

Despite this, it’s only recently that I’ve noticed myself wondering what impact my travels have on the planet.

Is my desire to explore new and exotic places selfish if I don’t give anything back?


Travelling without regards for the places you visit is akin to shitting in your neighbour’s garden.

It benefits nobody.

Since this realisation, I’ve tried to make a difference, no matter how small, to every place that I travel to.

Here are three ways that you and I can improve the planet during our travels.

The amount of plastic that we consume as a species is frightening.

If humans disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow, one of our legacies would be the sheer amount of discarded plastic that is visible.

This is a tragedy that affects everything from the environment to the food that we consume.

No matter where I travel, whether it’s the Philippines or New Zealand, I always see discarded plastic.


It’s surprisingly simple to cut the majority of plastic out of your life. We choose not to through convenience.

Purchasing a refillable water bottle is one way to cut plastic out of your travels.

If everyone did this our consumption of plastic would tumble.

This is something we’re all guilty of.

It’s simply more convenient to go to a supermarket than to look for somewhere that sells local produce.

The problem is this leads to the homogenisation of areas. The same shops selling the same good no matter where you go.

Simply going to a local market or buying street food is a great way to make a difference.

That money stays in the local community instead of going into the pockets of shareholders.

This one is surprisingly easy to do.

There are numerous little ways you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Having a shower instead of a bath is one. You can then take it further by shortening your showers.

Staying at an Eco-friendly hotel or hostel is another.

You could even sleep in a tent if you wanted! Although that would be taking it to the extreme.

I find the best way is to just walk around. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s good for you as well! Double win!

Sustainable travel is not as hard as you might think. Just a few changes in your habits and mindset can make a big difference!

If we all started doing just a few of these things, it would go some way to improving our planet and the lives of those on it!

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