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Fantastic fiction stories to add to your reading list

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

While I love reading non-fiction, there’s something about reading novels that makes my heart sing. As much as I can become engrossed by a fascinating history book, there’s nothing that sparks my imagination like a good novel.

There’s a reason fiction has endured as a genre throughout the ages. Novels…

There’s more to freedom than the rights of the individual.

Photo by Hanna Zhyhar on Unsplash

Since March 2020, most people around the world have experienced some form of limitations on their freedom. Before this date, this idea would have been unfathomable to most in the western world.

But the emergence of Covid-19, a deadly virus for which humans had no collective immunity, the choice was…

We often underestimate our own intelligence.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Intelligence is crucial in everyday life. Without it, you’re liable to overestimate your abilities and run into trouble. But, it’s also true you can underestimate how smart you are.

Unless you’re Donald Trump, you’re probably not proclaiming yourself to be a genius to anyone who’ll listen. More likely, you’ll play…

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