Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

It was Albert Einstein, arguably the greatest physicist ever who stated that he had no special talent.


I have spent the past few days travelling around Scotland. Despite having family from there and living in England for the majority of my life, this is the first time I have visited Scotland.

It snaps you out of your stupor and shows how magnificent the world is!

It’s incredible that we don’t appreciate just how beautiful the world we live in is. We only have one place to live, but we take it for granted. We become complacent about the world around us and don’t admire the beauty that is all around us.

Regain Your Wonder

I remember when I was teaching English in Spain, the children that I taught were a bundle of fun. They were also amazed by some of the simplest things.

They were in a constant state of wonder!

While this is unlikely to be the case for most of us now, the price of growing old is a growing sense of familiarity with the world, we can still learn a lot from children.

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