Thanks for the feedback, and that is a fantastic question John. I’ll try and answer it as best as I can.

Firstly, I try to remember change is a constant part of life. It’s with you no matter what. Stability is only an illusion masqueradaing as change. I think when you embrace this concept, it’s easier to go about things.

I feel it helps if you have a goal. If you’re working towards this goal, you have purpose. When we don’t have purpose in life, is when we start to drift. Every time I have lacked a purpose, I’ve found myself drifting.

Remembering that we are only on this planet is empowering. We are here for a such brief time, it would be a crime to waste any of it, doing something we don’t want to.

You can always get another job, you can’t scrape back the time you’ve spent.

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