The world is bigger than you think

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The outback is gigantic!

Super ginormous! You could use infinite adjectives to describe and still not accurately describe just how big it is.

I remember doing my tour of the outback and being amazed by its scale. It was a barren wasteland as far as the eye could see.

I was sitting next to our tour guide as he drove to our next destination. He said something that astounded me, which I’ll never forget.

The outback is so big, it’s highly likely that man has never set foot in certain parts of it. If you went walkabout today, you could be the first human, ever, to set foot on that ground!

This blew, and still does, blow my mind! Just think about it for a second. We have grown so interconnected as a species, that a disaster on the other side of the globe is reported within seconds.

Yet, despite all our achievements and advances, there are still little pockets of the globe that we haven’t even touched!

That is truly humbling. The world may be getting smaller every day, but it’s bigger than we can ever imagine!

Don’t think that because we can visit places via the interwebs, that we should stop exploring.

Never lose your curiosity. There is always something to be discovered.

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