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Why Does Society Like To Tell Women What To Wear?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really give a lot of thought to what I wear. Comfort is my number one consideration when it comes to clothes. It certainly trumps style that’s for sure!

I have no qualms about walking around in jogging pants or shorts because they are much more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans all day.

I know this isn’t some people’s cup of tea, but I couldn’t care less. My preference for comfort trumps whatever thoughts people may have about what someone should or shouldn’t wear.

That’s why when I saw this story about a woman telling other women that they shouldn’t wear leggings in public that I was flabbergasted, yet, not surprised.

If there is one thing I have realised as I have gotten older it’s that society loves to tell women what they can and can’t do. Whether it’s to do with abortions, clothes or anything else, society unfairly judges women.

The same things happen to men, I have heard many women deride men who wear jogging pants as lazy, despite not knowing anything about their character. The same applies to what men wear on their feet. As if you can tell whether a man is suitable for you or not by his choice of footwear!

It’s all very superficial!

But, with women, this seems to be more all-encompassing. I think it comes down to the fact that certain parts of society loving pushing women into a corner and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do.

It’s even worse when a woman is telling other women what they should be doing! You should all be pulling each other up, not tearing each other down.

Maryann White may have meant well when she pleaded for students at Notre Dame to not wear leggings, but she is not helping the situation. Yes, it may be distracting for men to see women walking around with skintight clothes, but it’s distracting anyway.

I’m going to be brutally honest and admit that I can’t help but look when women are wearing leggings. Mrs White is right, it is distracting. There are times when I don’t look, there are times when I do. I’m a man, and we are drawn to the female form.

I know I shouldn’t look every time, but it’s hard not to at times. However, just because leggings catch my attention, doesn’t mean women should stop wearing them. That’s a ridiculous assertion.

Women have had hundreds of years of being told what they can and can’t do. You don’t need another man telling them what they can do, you should just wear what you want.

The reality is, men will always look at women regardless of what they are wearing. We are visual creatures, we are attracted by what we see. If we see a woman wearing clothes that make her attractive, even if she is wrapped up in layers of clothes, we will still look.

You can’t change thousands of years of evolution, and I don’t believe we should restrict the choice of women either. What is needed is understanding.

Men, myself included, need to understand that looking at women is ok, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Staring at a woman’s backside for an eternity and losing all sense of reality is not the way to do it.

Instead, we should just acknowledge the beauty of the women and move on. There are loads of women on the planet, a lot of them will wear leggings and nice clothes. It’s nothing new or out of the ordinary.

Looking at it from the point of view of women, I would just wear what you want. Hundreds of women have died so you could have the right to vote, the right to choose whether to give birth, the right to freely express your opinions.

I would just ignore anyone that tells you should be wearing this when you want to wear something else.

Mrs White stated that women should “think of the mothers of sons the next time you go shopping and consider choosing jeans instead.”

Well, it seems like the students at Notre Dame don’t want to do that, and I don’t blame them. If someone was telling me I shouldn’t be wearing clothes that are extremely comfortable, just because I few people may look at my backside, I would politely decline their request and wear those clothes anyway.

The premise of Mrs White’s complaint falls down on another point too. She states that her “sons know better than to ogle a woman’s body — certainly when I’m around (and hopefully, also when I’m not).”

While this may, or may not, be the case, I can’t speak for Mrs White’s parenting skills! It would certainly be some achievement if she had raised boys who don’t give in to their natural instinct to look at women!

However, where her point falls down is that while her boys may not ogle women, it does not mean women may not ogle them. What if they go to the beach topless and their chest and abs are on show? Is that not the same issue as women wearing leggings?

Maybe her comments are an indication of a generational divide, or maybe she just doesn’t agree with women wearing leggings. Either way, we should just let people get on with their lives, regardless of their sex, or what they are wearing.

We have spent enough years telling each other what we can’t do, maybe it’s time we should just tell each other what we can do instead.

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