Why I don’t plan my travels

Spoiler alert!! It’s more fun!

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I’m not much of a planner.

Sure, I’ll look up a few places to visit. But, when I go to a new city or town, I have no discernible plan.

I don’t know if you’d class this as a travel hack, in the general sense of the term, but it’s served me well during my travels.

What is this hack you ask?

It’s quite simple.

Whenever, I arrive in a new city, I check into my accommodation, drop off my bags, and leave the building.

When I’m outside, I walk in one direction, and see where it takes me.

This has served me well during my 5 years of travelling. I’ve never missed out on anything wherever I’ve been.

If anything, it’s made my travels more fun.

I could walk, and walk, then stop in my tracks, when I see something truly astounding.

I see people planning their trips down to the finest detail.

Where is the fun in that?

Planning your trip to such an extent takes the fun out of travelling.

Turning up to a new city and being pleasantly surprised by what you find, is certainly, my cup of tea!

If I had a plan, I wouldn’t have found that amazing beach on the Gold Coast.

If I had a plan, I wouldn’t have lived in New Zealand.

If I had a plan, I wouldn’t have taught English in Spain for two years.

A plan is essential in life, but, sometimes, its best to see where you end up instead!

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