Why Your Mental Health Is Just As Important As. Your Physical Health

A healthy body is nothing without a healthy mind

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I never used to pay much attention to mental health.

This attitude stemmed from my father. Let’s just he’s old school. Depression and mental health are concepts that don’t exist in his world.

They are a sign of weakness.

I, wrongly, grew up with this idea ingrained in me. I didn’t understand how anybody could become depressed.

I just failed to see how it was possible.

3 months ago, I had a massive panic attack. It came out of the blue. At first, I thought it was a heart attack.

The pain and the impending sense of doom was terrifying!

I had been living in Barcelona for two years. I was not happy. I didn’t like the city. I had no real social life. All my time was either spent teaching or working on my blog.

I disliked living there so much, that it started eating away at me. Negativity took a grip of me. I would dismiss the beauty of the city, the people in it.

I was blinded my dislike of the place.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but this negativity had started to affect me mentally. I was less sure of myself, more stressed and just plain miserable.

This storm of emotions manifested itself in the form of a panic attack.

I have been plagued with anxiety since that incident.

The thing I thought was nonsense had taken a hold of me. I realised it was very real indeed.

I never considered myself to have mental health issues. I never thought I would have mental health issues.

Mental health was something I had little time for. It was only when it hit me square in the jaw, I began to take it seriously.

I didn’t realise how fragile our minds truly are.

I thought mine was bulletproof. I was wrong.

Pride comes before the fall.

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